Monday, May 9, 2011


One time I graduated from university. Brigham Young University. Which, I have always thought was poorly named. I wish the school had just been called Young University. First of all, it makes more sense. Also, then we would be called Young or Young U instead of BYU, which I think sounds cooler, fresher, and more hip.

So graduation. It was pretty nice. I bought a nice purple dress to wear, and then I covered it up with poorly constructed, borrowed graduation robes. See?

You can see a hint of my pretty dress just there.

I didn't go to the graduation Commencement, but I went to the Department of Visual Arts Convocation because I graduated in Art History and Curatorial Studies. That's where you actually get to walk across the stage and shake peoples' hands, and they give you an envelope. They hand you an envelope to trick the audience into thinking you really got a diploma, but psyche! It's really just a display case for you to put your diploma in. You don't get your real diploma until you officially pass all your classes, you pay back all the money you owe the school, and you can prove you have a mailing address and aren't living on the streets.

The Convocation ceremony was pretty nice. I could see my family sitting in the audience so I was on my best behavior, but it turns out they couldn't see me anyway. I got to sit by my bestie Miss Breezy. You can see she's holding the trick envelopes that we were given.

Note the difference in eyebrow bushiness.

After you walk across the stage you get to have your picture taken in front of a fancy green screen. They send you an option to buy these pictures later. I'm waiting for my pictures to come in the mail--I selected to change the plain green background for a plain blue one. But you can get much fancier than that. You can make it look like you braved the crowds to have your picture taken in front of the "Enter to Learn Go Forth to Serve" sign. I neither braved the crowds, nor pretended that I did. I think the best background option was the one with a little Jimmer angel floating above your head. This is so you can remember that you graduated in the year that Jimmer didn't have mono.

Jason graduated too! He chose not to attend Commencement or Convocation. We all pretended this was ok with us us until after my Convocation. Then we were all mad at him. It's so nice when we can do things together.

Before the VA Convocation we took pictures in the MOA Sculpture Garden. I worked in the MOA the whole time I went to Young U, as well as my senior year in high school. I'm pretty sure I set a record, but that didn't stop them from terminating me last Friday. Here are some pictures from that photo shoot. (Some people have profesh photogs document their important events. These came from my mom's iPhone.)

Helping J-Boy fix his stuck zipper. Story of my life. JK. Check out the new shoes I bought for the occasion.

The whole fambly.

With Bestie Natalie!

Told you it was a photo shoot.

Avec Maman.

Hopefully with my weight loss goal and Jason's swinging a pickaxe in the Mojave all summer we can do this without it being so much of a big bum, straining face pose. We're so in love!

So ya, that pretty much sums it up! I am a college graduate! Please let me know if you hear of any job openings.